It’s Not Just Alabama—Gay Marriage Is Stuck in Limbo in These States

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By Eric Pfeiffer
March 4, 2015

When the U.S. Supreme Court decided last month to allow same-sex marriages to move forward in Alabama after a federal court ruling that marriage bans targeting LGBT couples are unconstitutional, it appeared the Heart of Dixie had become a bellwether for the collapsing opposition to marriage equality.

However, on Tuesday the Alabama Supreme Court took the nearly unprecedented step of telling judges to go ahead and ignore the federal ruling, putting at least a temporary halt to same-sex marriages in the state.

The decision has created an air of uncertainty in Alabama and left both marriage-equality opponents and advocates wondering if a similar strategy could be employed in states across America that are grappling with their own debates over the issue.

In an interview with TakePart, Adam Romero, senior counsel and Arnold D. Kassoy scholar of law at UCLA’s Williams Institute, explained how the decision affects same-sex couples in Alabama and whether residents of other states should anticipate similar rulings before the Supreme Court weighs in on the issue later this year. The Williams Institute is a leading researcher on LGBT issues.

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