It sucks to go to the doctor if you’re trans

by Katelyn Burns
June 21, 2019


I sat waiting to pick up my prescription at my pharmacy’s drive-thru, my two young children in tow, when the pharmacist’s voice came over the speakers: “Sir, do you understand what these medications are for?”

My children didn’t know yet, but I had started hormone replacement therapy several months earlier. I was still months away from changing my gender presentation and legal name.

“Yes, my doctor prescribed them to me and I understand what they’re for,” I replied as my concern grew. This was my first time picking up my estrogen at this pharmacy.

“Sir, these are female hormones. For women,” said the pharmacist. I explained that I understood, but that I had gender dysphoria and my doctor had prescribed the medication for me. There was a long pause on the other end.

“Sir, we canceled your prescription because we couldn’t figure out why a man would need female hormones,” said the voice. “You’ll have to have your doctor call us to confirm this is correct because it doesn’t make any sense.”

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