How Incarceration Impacts LGBTQ Youth’s Mental Health






Teen Vogue
by Brittney McNamara
October 16, 2017

Dayvon Williams says he was first incarcerated when he was 18 after being convicted of residential burglary.

“My experience in the beginning was like, I was like really devastated,” Dayvon, who is now 27, tells Teen Vogue. “I wasn’t used to [jail].”

Dayvon, who identifies as gay, said he ultimately realized he had to adapt for his environment for the seven months he was incarcerated. But still, it impacted his mental health. “You’re segregated from a lot of the normal things in life,” he says. “It’s something you’re not really used to, especially when it’s your first time.”

Today, he works as an organizer for Youth 4 Justice, an organization that empowers currently and formerly incarcerated youth and families. Numbers show that Dayvon’s work matters.

Read How Incarceration Impacts LGBTQ Youth’s Mental Health

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