If a transgender parent transitions later in life, do they harm their kids?

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By Mitch Kellaway
February 15, 2015

Bruce Jenner. It’s difficult to scroll one’s Facebook News Feed or stand in line at the grocery store these days without seeing the name and face of America’s most famous former decathlete and Kardashian stepparent.

Recently, the attention seems to boil down to one question: Is Jenner a transgender woman?

In addition to Jenner, we’re entranced by pop culture’s trans parent of the moment, Maura Pfefferman. Played by Jeffrey Tambor, Pfefferman is Transparent’s fictional, newly out trans mother to a family of three spoiled adult children.

Our fascination says a lot more about Western culture than it does about Jenner himself. Our obsession unearths unspoken assumptions about femininity, trans women and trans parents that have long needed examination.

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