How Workplace Equality Index Is Tracking The New Economy

by John Schneider and David Auten
August 21, 2018


Have you or a client ever asked, “How can I invest in LGBTQ-friendly businesses?” It’s a question we often get. It’s the same question that was posed to John Roberts, a portfolio manager with Segall, Bryant and Hamill, in the late 1990s by a wealthy, prospective client, the Kevin J. Mossier Foundation.

J. Mossier pioneered the gay-cruise industry and, like too many gay men of his time, died far too young. When Mossier’s company was sold, all the money went to a private foundation. The trustees of the foundation approached Roberts and his firm at the time, Denver Investments, to manage its assets. However, there was a unique contingency.

The trustees would only invest in companies that treated LGBT employees equal to straight employees. Even in the late 1990s, this was unheard of and such data wasn’t available on the internet or other resources. This is the story of the Workplace Equality Index that John Roberts came on Queer Money™ to tell.

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