Changing more than pronouns: a non-binary teen fights education laws

The Guardian 
by Amy Silverman
May 28, 2019


Sometimes, other kids call Santi “it”.

“It’s sort of like treating me as a different species,” said Santi Ceballos, who goes by they/them pronouns, looking straight into the camera for a video produced by the Southern Arizona Gender Alliance last year. The video was made in an effort to educate others about what it means to be gender nonconforming.

“There’s not only two genders!” Santi continues.

“Just let us be who we want to beeee …”

Today, at 13, they have let their wavy, golden-brown hair grow past their shoulders, with thick bangs over eyelashes long enough to graze oversized aviator glasses. Hormone blockers have staved off puberty, leaving Santi’s face round and their skin clear and hairless. Outside of their small condominium in central Tucson, near the University of Arizona campus, Santi wears the classic teenager outfit: an oversized windbreaker and black skinny jeans with ripped knees.

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