Biden Hailed by Gay Rights Group, but Clinton Has Head Start


The Associated Press via The New York Times
By Josh Lederman
September 25, 2015

WASHINGTON — Not yet a presidential candidate, Vice President Joe Biden will have a prime perch to appeal to LGBT voters when he headlines a glitzy national gala. Yet it may be too late to win over influential gay Democrats already committed to Hillary Rodham Clinton should he join the 2016 Democratic contest.

At the Human Rights Campaign’s sold-out soirée Oct. 3 in Washington, it’s Biden who will get top billing. In a way, Clinton will be his warm-up act; she’ll speak to the group’s board and staff in the morning, but won’t be on stage for the star-studded dinner.

Gay and lesbian voters and their allies represent a natural base of support for Biden, who won accolades from the community by backing gay marriage ahead of the 2012 election and became the highest elected official to support what was then a highly charged political issue. President Barack Obama followed days later, leading activists to muse with a touch of irony that it took an older, white male to get the first black president on board with a modern civil rights issue.

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