An Encino couple found joy in foster care. Now LA County is honoring them for it

Los Angeles Daily News 
by Marianne Love
November 24, 2018


The bond of love between people forms in different ways. There’s the love between a parent and a child. Between a man and a woman. A stranger and a neglected child.

Or in the case of an Encino couple, it’s the love and marriage between two men, their one-time foster son and their two adopted sons and their brother.

As part of November National Adoption Awareness Month, Mark Becktold and Steve Ledoux will be recognized Tuesday by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors for their role in fostering 19-month-old, Jeremiah, for two years before he was reunited with his mother. And, they are also being recognized for also adopting two brothers, Adrian, 8, and Matthew, 7.

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