11 Beautiful Photos That Challenge Stereotypes About Homeless LGBT Youth

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By Julie Zeilinger
February 27, 2015

Marriage equality may be the LGBT issue dominating mainstream media headlines, but there’s another pervasive problem affecting these communities that gets significantly less attention: homelessness. This is a major oversight, given that as much as 40% of homeless youth is LGBT identified, according to a recent study by the Williams Institute. The leading cause of this homelessness? Family rejection after coming out.

The issue is one that photographer Joan Lobis Brown hopes to address through her beautiful portrait project featuring captivating images of at-risk LGBT youth.

“When I photograph the emotionally ‘isolated,’ it is my goal for viewers to look at my photographs and to find something they can relate to and empathize with — a gesture, a posture, an emotion revealed — or, on perhaps a more profound level, lead the viewer to identify with the outsider that lurks even within the most secure of us,” Lobis Brown told Mic.

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