1 in 10 weddings were same-sex couples in summer of 2015

By Quentin Fottrell
November 7, 2015

It was the summer of love, particularly for same-sex couples.

Some 96,000 same-sex couples got married between July and October 2015, bringing the total number of married same-sex couples in the U.S. to 486,000, which accounts for 45% of all same-sex couples, according to a new poll by research firm Gallup, which interviewed nearly 9,000 lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender Americans. Approximately one in 10 summer weddings in the U.S. were held by same-sex couples. Gallup asked those who report being married or living with a partner whether their spouse or partner is the same sex as them.

Since the federal Defense of Marriage Act was repealed in the Supreme Court case in 2013, the number of married same-sex couples in the U.S. has doubled, a separate report by the Williams Institute for Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy at the University of California concluded. In U.S. versus Windsor, which overturned DOMA, New York residents Edith Windsor and Thea Spyer married in Canada in 2007 after 40 years together. Spyer died in 2009 and Windsor was required to pay $363,000 in federal estate taxes on her wife’s estate.

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