HRC, CAP, Williams Make Public Their Research On LGBT Workplace Discrimination

Metro Weekly
By Chris Geidner
May 7, 2012

Today, the Human Rights Campaign, Center for American Progress and Williams Institute — none of which are known as aggressive, left-wing groups — made public a memorandum and hundreds of pages of research on LGBT workplace discrimination to help push the case for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act but also for the presidential executive order sought to ban sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination by federal contractors.

The memorandum states in part that “[a] main theme of this research is that employment discrimination is a persistent and pervasive problem for LGBT workers. Forty-two percent of LGB workers report experiencing some form of discrimination on the job, as do an astounding 90 percent of transgender workers.”

The research dump from CAP and HRC — both of which are seen as close allies of the administration — comes at a time when the White House is facing criticism on multiple fronts for failing to meet the aims of LGBT organizations, donors, advocates and activists on workplace and relationship-recognition issues.


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