Public Opinion on Transgender Rights: Poland

By Taylor N.T. Brown
November 2, 2017

Findings from the 2016 IPSOS Global Advisor survey show solid public support for transgender rights in Poland. Using data from a nationally-representative sample, this report documents public opinion of transgender people and their rights in Poland and provides detailed findings of the characteristics that may affect these attitudes.

The majority of survey respondents in Poland support the rights of transgender people to

  • receive government protection from discrimination
  • change the sex indicated on their government-issued ID
  • have surgery so their body matches their identity

However,  the general public has mixed opinions on other issues, such as the right of transgender people to marry someone of their birth sex or adopt children. Women, older people, and those who have transgender family members, acquaintances, and friends tend to be more supportive of the rights of transgender people in Poland.

Select findings on public opinion about transgender people and their rights in Poland were presented in Public Support for Transgender Rights: A Twenty-three Country Survey. This brief provides more detailed findings from the sample of survey participants in Poland, specifically.


Read the report in English                                                               Read the report in Polish


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