October 13 – U.S. and Dutch Population-based Comparisons: Same- vs. Different-sex Parent Families

Featuring Nanette Gartrell, Williams Institute Visiting Distinguished Scholar

Over the past four decades a substantial body of research has been conducted on same-sex parent families. Most of these studies relied on convenience samples and/or fertility clinic recruitment. Two recent studies, using data drawn from nationally representative surveys in the U.S. and the Netherlands, compared matched samples of same-sex and different-sex parent households. In the U.S. study, the authors examined spouse/partner relationships, parent-child relationships, and parenting stress, along with children’s general health, emotional difficulties, coping behavior and learning behavior in the two types of families. The Dutch study compared children’s psychological well-being, problems in the parent-child relationship, perceived parental competency, parental worries about the child, and parental use of informal and formal support in child rearing.


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