The Promise and the Threat: LGBTQ Marriage in the New Economy

Marzullo-picWorks in Progress Series Featuring Michelle A. Marzullo

January 23, 2014
UCLA Law – Room 1314
12:20-1:40 p.m.
*Lunch Provided

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Michelle A. Marzullo holds a PhD in Anthropology concentrating in Race, Gender, and Social Justice from American University in Washington, DC and a Master’s degree in Human Sexuality Studies concentrating in policy studies from San Francisco State University. Her current project entitled, “The Marrying Times: Progressive Marriage Under Neoliberalization,” examines how progressive-identifying people living in the Village of New Paltz, New York USA come to decisions about marriage in the new economy through different renderings of time. Dr. Marzullo’s research interests are in the realms of marriage, relatedness, sexuality, gender, policy, economy, cultural notions of time (especially age and life pacing), digital communications, social networking, social movements, feminist ethnography, sociolinguistics and research methodology.

Her research career spans 15 years, including projects examining barriers to higher education for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) students, hate crimes and violence against LGBTQ people, employment discrimination against LGBTQ people, an ethnography of youth experiences in a Gay-Straight Alliance High School Club, LGBT youth experiences in the US foster care system, HIV/AIDS treatment effectiveness, and environmental toxicity on reproduction. Dr. Marzullo’s methodological approach includes survey design, advanced statistical and textual analyses, participant-observation, semi-structured in-depth and life course interviewing, focus groups/town halls, and archival research. Her expertise in market research techniques include: in-home and in-store studies, experiential laddering, facility focus groups, and rapid ethnographic techniques. She has authored or co-authored 13 peer-reviewed articles, policy reports, book chapters and one encyclopedia entry. She is a past recipient of the American University College of Arts and Sciences Dissertation Fellowship, a Point Foundation Scholarship, the Carlos Enrique Cisneros Scholarship for LGBT students of distinction attending American University, Genentech’s Out & Equal Scholarship, and the Grant Larsen Fellowship at San Francisco State University.

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