The Impact of Medicaid Expansion in Virginia on Uninsured LGBT Adults

By Shoshana Goldberg and Kerith Conron
June 2018

An analysis by the Williams Institute estimates that up to 21,000 uninsured LGBT adults, ages 18-64, could gain access to health insurance under Virginia’s recent Medicaid expansion. Approximately 4.2 percent of Virginia’s adult population—or 221,000 people—identify as LGBT. More than 19 percent (42,000) of them are currently uninsured, compared to 14.5 percent (751,000) of non-LGBT adults.

In May 2018, the Virginia General Assembly voted to extend eligibility to households earning up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level. An estimated 49 percent of uninsured LGBT Virginians (approximately 21,000 residents) and 53.4 percent of uninsured non-LGBT Virginians (approximately 401,000) may gain eligibility for health insurance when the expansion takes effect in January 2019.

Voter initiatives to expand Medicaid are set to appear on the November ballots in Nebraska, Idaho and Utah. If all three pass, an estimated 17,000 LGBT adults (and 285,000 non-LGBT adults) would be eligible for health care.









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