The Impact of Extending Marriage to Same-Sex Couples on the New Jersey Budget

By Brad Sears, Christopher Ramos, M.V. Lee Badgett
December 2009

This analysis estimates the impact of extending marriage to same-sex couples on state and local government revenues in New Jersey. Using the best data available, we estimate that allowing same-sex couples to marry will result in approximately $15.1 million in new revenue over the next three years. Previous studies have found that extending the rights and obligations of marriage to same-sex couples would have a positive impact on each stateā€˜s budget. Similar conclusions have been reached by legislative offices in Connecticut and Vermont and by the Comptroller General of New York. In addition, the Congressional Budget Office has concluded that if all fifty states and the federal government extended the rights and obligations of marriage to same-sex couples, the federal government would benefit by nearly $1 billion each year.

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