Same-sex Couples in Idaho: A demographic summary

By Gary J. Gates
July 2014

Based on Census 2010, there are 2,042 same-sex couples living in Idaho. These couples were identified in the majority of Idaho’s counties. The majority of same-sex couples are female (61%). The average age of individuals in same-sex couples in Idaho is more than four years younger than that of different-sex married couples—44.3 and 48.5 years old, respectively. More than one-quarter of same-sex couples in Idaho (27%) are raising children under age 18 in their homes. Five-hundred fifty same-sex-couple households in the state are raising 1,139 children. One in four individuals in same-sex couples who are members of racial or ethnic minorities (25%) are raising a child under age 18, compared to 24% of their White counterparts.

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