Demographics and Health of California’s Transgender Adults

By Jody Herman, Bianca D.M. Wilson, Tara Becker
October 2017

A new report provides the first look at demographics, health, and health care access among transgender adults in California who participated in the 2015-2016 California Health Interview Survey (CHIS), the largest state survey in the US.

In California, about 92,000 (0.35 percent) adults ages 18 to 70 are transgender. Transgender adults in California are similar to cisgender adults in many ways, but experience disparities in mental health, disability status, and health care access.

Compared to cisgender adults, transgender adults are more are three times more likely to have ever thought about suicide and nearly six times more likely to have ever attempted suicide. They are significantly more likely than cisgender adults to report having a disability due to a physical, mental or emotional condition and three times more likely to delay getting medicine prescribed to them by a doctor or not get the medicine at all.



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