VIDEO: Ilan H. Meyer on Religious Accommodations and LGBT Health

September 15, 2015
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Last year, Harvard Law School organized and hosted a conference where many law and policy scholars came together to discuss solutions to the conflict between civil-rights laws and claims of religious freedom.

According to Harvard Law Today, the conference, “Religious Accommodation in the Age of Civil Rights,” addressed a broad range of controversies that have developed in recent years as marriage equality and anti-discrimination laws have prompted some religious organizations and private companies to assert claims of religious liberty and exemption from compliance with the law.

Although the conference was held last year, these issues are still being debated in policy conversations across the country.

Below, we highlight Dr. Ilan H. Meyer, Williams Distinguished Senior Scholar of Public Policy, and his presentation on religious accommodation claims from a sociological perspective.  His perspective is unique in that he chooses to view the controversies using a broad lens with special attention to context and historical oppression.

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By: Angeliki Kastanis