Small Research Grants

*The Williams Institute Small Research Grants Program is not accepting proposals at this time.

Click here for a list of 2013-2014 grant recipients.

About the Small Research Grants Program

The Williams Institute’s Small Research Grants program is designed to encourage new empirical research focused on the LGBT population.  Applicants from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds, including social sciences (e.g., economics, sociology, demography, social psychology), law, public health, and public policy are encouraged to apply.  An important objective of this funding is to encourage new scholars to enter LGBT research areas.

This initiative is designed to promote two goals:
•  Fostering sound empirical — quantitative or qualitative — knowledge focused on LGBT populations
•  Developing better understanding of the need for and impact of public policies that affect LGBT populations

Please note that the Williams Institute’s Small Research Grants program will not cover overhead or indirect costs.


Eligible are applicants (e.g., individuals, organizations, institutions) who have a U.S. tax ID. Graduate students, junior faculty members interested in initiating a research career in or developing pilot data for LGBT issues, and senior scholars interested in expanding their research agenda to include LGBT-related issues are welcome to apply.

Example Topic Areas (other topics welcomed):

•  Demographics and socio-economic characteristics of LGBT populations, including same-sex couples, racial and ethnic minorities, the elderly, and youth
•  Issues related to LGBT couples and families, intimacy and social support, parenting, children raised by LGBT parents
•  Public health issues in LGBT populations, including mental and physical health, health behaviors, well being, minority stress, and resilience and coping
•  Economic impacts of LGBT-related rights and legislation
•  LGBT youth including safe schools, foster care, and homelessness
•  Use, impact, and evaluation of anti-discrimination statutes, hate crimes statutes, safe schools legislation, civil union, domestic partnership, and marriage legislation, domestic partnership benefits, and legal recognition of parenting rights for LGBT people or same-sex couples
•  Size, demographics, and socio-economic characteristics of the Transgender population
•  Voting patterns and behavior of LGBT population
•  Analysis of public opinion data regarding LGBT rights
•  Innovative policy interventions with LGBT populations

For more information please email or call (310) 267-4382.