Empirical Research Training

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Presented by the Williams Institute’s M.V. Lee Badgett and Gary J. Gates, A Primer on Empirical Research on LGBT Issues and Populations is a one-day training and career development opportunity for graduate students pursuing research on sexual orientation issues.  The training will enable scholars to find and appropriately use existing empirical data that permits the identification of sexual orientation, and will also include strategies for pursuing a career in sexual orientation research.  The training is free of charge and space is limited.  Travel stipends to cover costs of transportation and overnight accommodation are available for students outside the Los Angeles area.

Topics include:

* Issues to consider regarding the measurement of sexual orientation
* Availability of data that include identification of sexual minorities and the
measurement of sexual orientation, behavior, and attraction
* Appropriate use of data sources that measure sexual orientation
* Details on how to access and appropriately use U.S. Census data to study
same-sex “unmarried partners”
* Possible research topics using available data
* Strategies for pursuing both academic and policy-focused careers that
include sexual orientation research

Application Procedure:

Training is open to graduate students in a variety of disciplines, including Sociology, Social Psychology, Economics, Demography, and Political Science.  Applicants must be currently pursuing or interested in pursuing empirical research on sexual orientation.  Priority will be given to students who can demonstrate an active research agenda, especially if the research has clear public policy relevance.

Completed applications include the following:

1.  Cover letter briefly describing the applicant’s research interests and  background
2.  Curriculum Vitae or resume including applicant contact information
3.  Description of current or proposed research on sexual orientation (abstract or paper)

Applications can be submitted via email to: williamsinstitute@law.ucla.edu.

Or, by mail to the following address:

A Primer on Empirical Research on LGBT Issues and Populations
The Williams Institute
UCLA School of Law
Box 951476
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1476